lab Mix|female|4 years old|55 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Twilight is a spunky, fun loving goofball who LOVES to snuggle. She's a leaner, and will press her whole body into you on the couch. She's completely house trained and loves to romp around in the yard, or enjoy laying in the sunshine. She also gets along great with other dogs! We have 4 dogs of our own, and foster regularly. She's been doing fabulously here and really came out of her shell quickly because of her doggy siblings. She's gone to daycare several times and always comes home totally pooped out and ready for some naps and bedtime snuggles. She's also crate trained. We have her eat in her kennel twice a day, she stays in it when we're out of the house, and she sleeps in it overnight right now as well.

She's fairly low/medium energy - most days she's content to just hang out with us an watch TV.

That all being said, Twila can be rather intimidated by strangers. When we first got her, we kept her leash on her for the first few days, so that if we needed to move her around from room to room we could do that without having to grab her directly. She would benefit from having a calm household with less visitors, or a family that was understanding of her fears and gave her her own space to be in when visitors were over. She is capable of learning that strangers aren't scary - but you'd have to be willing to put in the work for it.