yorkipoo|male|6 years old|7 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Tucker continues to be a total charmer, winning over everyone he meets with his sweet face and sweeter disposition (even I as a lifelong cat person can't resist him!) He loves to curl up on your lap as you work, cuddle beside you during your Netflix marathon, and chase a stick, chew toy, or (his favorite prey) the squeaky stuffed hedgehog. We've now gotten a chance to get out and about with him and introduce him to a wider range of people. He gets a bit skittish with large crowds or rambunctious children and may retreat to the safety of your arms while he assesses the situation. After a little reassurance he'll warm up, and he's gentle with children, other dogs, and new people. 

Tucker responds to his name and does pretty well with "sit," "lie down," "drop it," and "go get it!" He's also getting more and more comfortable with the crate. He's started entering it with only verbal encouragement rather than us having to physically put him in, and he is more consistently making the connection between "Crate!" and the motivating treat that waits for him there. He'll usually sit quietly while the door is closed, giving only the occasional whimper, and he does fine in there for stretches of a few hours at a time. He's also done well unsupervised in the house for a few hours at a time while we are out. He continues to be a happy, healthy, loving pup who's devoted to his humans, respectful of others, and will absolutely adore you!

Pupdate 1: If you're looking for a quiet and even-tempered cuddle-bug whose favorite place is your lap, this fluffy gentleman may be your guy! Tucker is a sweet, easygoing dog and a devoted companion who likes nothing better than to curl up atop a pile of blankets at your side, but don't let his placid demeanor fool you - he's excited to play with a squeaky toy, LOVES chasing the laser pointer, and trots along like a champion on walks. He's well-behaved in the house (not at all destructive or possessive), and while he has subtle tells for when he needs to go out he's housetrained and patient. He's respectful of cats and other dogs - he'll give them the occasional sniff, but for the most part he only has eyes for his human friends. 

Although he's not pushy about it, Tucker is happiest with a lot of attention - he's picked my husband as his favorite, and would spend the whole day on his lap if he could. He'd be an excellent companion for someone who's retired or works from home, but wouldn't be happy in a situation where he's left alone for long periods of time. He was not previously crate-trained and we're still working to get him to tolerate the crate - he does well when we're around or for a few hours at a time by himself, but any longer than that and he gets anxious. He'll likely do best with someone who's either willing to put in some patient work in getting him to be comfortable in the crate -- or who doesn't mind having him curl up on your bed at night!

Are you Tucker's new favorite? Come get to know this pint-sized pup, and we know you'll fall in love with him!