Dachshund/yorkie Mix|female|3 months old|8 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 


Pupdate 2:  I met a cat! Turns out, I'm not scared, but I'm also not very interested. I just ignored it.  So families with cats, I'm all yours!

Pupdate 1: My name is Titaness, although you can call me "Bug" because I'm as tiny as a bug and ready to cuddle.  I am a typical puppy who has a lot of energy and loves to play. I am not potty trained so whoever adopts me must be willing to help train me to go to the bathroom outside. I'm willing to learn on pee pads as well and my foster mom has some you can have.  I sometimes sleep in the bed at night and sleep from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, but sometimes have to wake up to pee once in the night. I am also kennel trained and could sleep in there as well. I am put in a kennel when my foster mom leaves the house and I don't mind it at all, especially because I am treat motivated. I play with my foster brother who is a big boy and I would love to have a dog sibling of any size, but I could also be the only dog. I have never met a cat, but I'm guessing I would be scared of one, cause well, they're scary and I am scared of a lot of things. Speaking of that, I've been a little scared to go to the bathroom outside so we are working on  getting me comfortable with a leash and the backyard, but I have accidents in the house. Other than that, I sometimes whine because I love to be scooped up by my humans. I am friendly and sweet as a button and ready for my forever home! I love to cuddle, and being curled up by a human neck is one of my favorite spots.