feist Mix|female|2 years old|30 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Meet Tildie! Tildie was found as a stray down south and has come leaps and bounds with some TLC both in her foster home down south and in her foster home in WI where she has come to appreciate the comfort of a home and loves to snuggle up to her people.  She was found in pretty rough shape, was extremely scared, underweight and has some scars on her body as remnants of the life she once lived.

One look into those big doe like eyes of hers though and your heart will melt.  Tildie is a sweet, shy, quiet gal but comes around and is eager for human affection when given a moment to observe and make sure you are a safe person.  Tildie currently lives with two older children whom she adores. She also gets along well with all dogs but prefers the company of lower key dogs that are chill like her otherwise she just kind of ignores them or gets a little upset if they are rough housing too close to her.  Tildie is always happy to greet her people with her cute butt wiggle even if they are only gone for a few minutes.

Currently, Tildie is crated while we are away during the day but if it will only be a few hours at a time, we have found that she is very content sleeping away on a chair or couch and will not get into mischief.  The only thing we’ve found she has an affinity for to chew besides dog toys is paper…so if you are looking for a dog that will actually eat your homework, she might be your gal! But if that’s not what you prefer, then just don’t leave your papers on the floor.

Tildie has learned that crates are not all bad but we suspect that she was not always a fan of being crated and managed to break her front incisors while possibly gnawing on bars to get out before coming to rescue.  Because she was in need of Heartworm treatment, we have had to delay getting these pulled.  The Vet has examined her and has suggested that she could potentially get them out as soon as February so she will need an adopter that is willing to get this taken care of for her.

A fenced yard is suggested for Tildie because she frightens easily and will run. Trust me, she’s very fast! Because of this, it is also suggested that she ALWAYS wears a Martingale collar so she cannot slip her collar.

Because Tildie was going through Heartworm treatment for the majority of her time in her current foster home, she didn’t have the opportunity to do much walking on a leash so we are just starting to work on teaching walking manners now that she can get out more and get some steps in. She enjoys living on a quiet street and is not a fan of busy city streets so downtown living is not suggested for this girl but she has adapted well to suburban life.

If you have patience and love to give this sweet girl, apply to meet her today!