Rat terrier Mix|female|1.5 years old|22 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Tenny came to Fetch in February and had a litter of puppies a few days after she arrived. She is done raising them and is ready to find her permanent home! She was a great mom, but she is happy that she is spayed now and won't have to go through labor again.

Tenny is a happy, friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. She has not been around cats but I suspect she would just ignore them. She lives with three other dogs and she loves to play with them, and she will play with strange dogs if they are friendly, but if she meets a dog who ignores her or doesn't initiate play, she will ignore them. She has a focused, attentive personality and likes having a job to do. She is *obsessed* with playing fetch. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with a tennis ball and a chuck-it. It doesn't matter what other dogs and people are around, she will ignore them all to get that ball, bring it back and drop it in front of me. If she finds a toy or tennis ball indoors, she will drop it in front of me and look at me longingly until I give in and throw it for her. She can literally do this for hours, although I wouldn't call her a high energy dog. If the weather is bad and she doesn't get out, she will be happy chewing on a rawhide or squeaky toy indoors.

Tenny walks well on a leash and is crate trained and potty trained. She barks at other dogs if they pass by when she's out in the yard, but she doesn't bark at other dogs or people when out in public. She loves kids and snuggling, and she is naturally submissive. She does jump a lot when she's excited, so we are working on that as well as on basic commands. So far she is very good at "come" and "crate" and we are working on "sit".