heeler Mix|male|5 months old|26 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Teddy continues to do well in our home.  He loves to play and snuggle and has even been very welcoming to our newest foster who has 25 lbs on him.  
He regressed a little bit with his crate training so we upped his exercise during the day to make sure he is nice and pooped at bedtime. 

We have been taking him for walks and this boy is a DREAM on leash!  It is like someone has secretly been training him to walk right next to you.  We have also started giving him a frozen kong at bedtime and that seems to help as well.  That being said, I have no idea what he does in the crate during the day and if he remains quiet or not.  So an apartment with close neighbors may not be the best fit unless you have some understanding neighbors initially while you work on crate training.  He will respond to barking he hears outside sometimes but is otherwise pretty quiet.  Still doing great as we work on training with sit and down.  He is very motivated by food as well as pleasing his person. He is very excited to meet his forever family!

Pupdate 1: While his eyebrows make him look like a very serious pup, he is really a very typical, silly, puppy that just wants to be loved by his people. This 5 month old, handsome, speckled boy took a little bit to settle in but now that he has been with his foster family a week and a half, he is more comfortable and getting much more curious.  He loves meeting new people and playing with other pups. He was initially unsure of the bigger pups in his foster home but once settled in regularly tries to engage them in play.  He did great meeting some kids that came to his house but does like to chase the kitties.  It is more to try and play but may do best in a home without kitties unless your kitty will stand their ground and set some boundaries.  

He does great playing independently with his toys as long as you are nearby but also loooooves to snuggle.  He is fully potty trained and does pretty well in his crate.  We did move his crate into our bedroom since he was initially anxious being so far away from his people and since then we barely hear a peep from him.  He doesn't like when his people go too far away from him so he will follow you as you move to different areas of your home.  As he becomes more confident in his space, I imagine this would decrease. 

He is very smart and food motivated.  He knows sit and he is picking up quickly on down.  He would be a very fun pup to take to a puppy training class which would also help him become more confident.  He would also be a good pup for doggy daycare as he really loves being around other pups.  He is a medium energy pup and gets most of his energy out currently by playing with his foster fur-siblings and playing chase with them in the yard.

He is such a sweet, loving pup and he would make a wonderful addition to any family.