Doberman Mix|female|3 month old|19 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Teagan is a serious snuggle queen! She loves her people and is becoming such a good little girl. I think she's confused why she isn't in a forever home yet... Is she waiting on you?

Pupdate 1: Teagan is a pretty mellow girl. She's happy to snuggle with us after she plays a little with her foster dog siblings. She loves going to doggy daycare with her foster mom, and thinks that rough housing with her foster dad is pretty fun too. 

While she's just a baby, she rides very well in the car and walks great on leash. Sometimes she'll get excited and bounce around on the end of the leash which is pretty adorable but we've been practicing staying calm since she'll be a big girl one day! 

Her new family can expect regular pup behaviors to work on: chewing, house training, kennel training, basic obedience, and energy! She's not a big chewer, but we're careful to put things away when she's roaming the house, and we're always sure to supervise her. When we aren't able to watch her we put her in her kennel. She does great in there until we leave the room! Then she gets pretty loud and upset we're gone. She's getting better about that, and we spend lots of time practicing that going into her kennel is okay. She also sleeps in her kennel and can almost make it the whole night. We feed her in there as well, so she's been learning to go into it on her own when we point towards the door and tell her to "kennel up". (It's still a work in progress!) She's working on 'sit' and 'come' right now as well. She's super food motivated, so she makes training a breeze! She would love to go to puppy classes if her adopter wanted to take Fetch up on their training class reimbursement program.