collie Mix|male|2 years old|73 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hello everyone!! I’m Tank!! I have A LOT of energy, but I also love my cuddles. I am very good with humans, but sometime big men can intimidate me, but don’t worry, I never bite, just take a minute to warm up. I love kids! Other dogs scare me at first, so I tend to bark, but I just want to play and I’m not really sure how. Little dogs scare me the most but once I’m warmed up to another a dog, I am good.. I even used to have a brother who was a German Shepard! 

My favorite thing to do is play outside!! I love running in BIG yards. So please take me on lots of walks and have an open area for me to play. I am potty trained and have very good manners. I do not chew on things that are not mine, and I will love you endlessly and try my best to learn new tricks!!