Australian Shepherd Mix|female|2 years old|27 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hello, I’m Sweetie Bell! I am a smart, energetic girl who traveled all the way from Louisiana to find my forever home in Wisconsin.

My foster parents tell me I’m a “herding dog,” though I’ve never met a sheep! Given my breed, I’d do best with an active family who will take me on walks or runs regularly so I can get my energy out.  My foster parents take me on regular walks and long runs once or twice a week, and really enjoy those. I do well on a leash (I don’t pull or zig zag). When I get my energy out, I’m a better behaved dog at home.  

I get along well with the other dogs in my foster home, and love to play with them! But I do have a little stranger danger to work on with strange dogs I see on walks (more about that later).  

I’m a really smart girl.  By the time I came to Wisconsin, I already knew “sit,” “shake,” and “down.”  My foster parents have been working with me on learning “stay” and “crate,” as well as reinforcing the commands I already know.  They are also working with me to learn patience, because when I get excited – especially when its meal time – I jump three feet straight into the air!  So now I have to “sit” and “stay” for a minute before I can eat. I’m getting really good at waiting!

When I first came to Wisconsin, I wasn’t used to being crated and didn’t like my crate.  However, I’ve learned it’s my safe space and will now go into my crate by myself and just hang out there if I need a break or a nap.  But, my foster parents are pretty sure I’d do ok being uncrated if my forever family wanted that. I’ve never chewed on anything I shouldn’t (I love chewing on my nyla-bones and toys, but not shoes and other things around the house!) and I’m totally potty trained! I also sleep through the night in my dog bed on the floor.    

But, I’m not perfect.  I was treated for heartworm back in Louisiana and I’m all better now! But my forever family will need to make sure I get my preventative heartguard pills monthly so that I can live a long and healthy life.  I also have a bit of stranger danger, and I bark when I see strange people and dogs out on walks, or if someone new comes into my house. My foster parents are working on redirecting my behavior and teaching me that I am safe and not in danger.   I also get really excited and bark when I hear the garage door going up when my foster parents get home from work. I can’t wait to see them! Given my barking in these situations (I’m quiet otherwise), I might not be the best apartment dog.

If you think I might be a good addition to your family, come and meet me!