Shih-tzu Mix|female|6 years old|12 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hello Wisconsin! My name is Susie Q! You can call me Susie! I am a shih-tzu mix and am 6 years old and weigh in at 12 pounds (my size certainly does not limit my sass!) I just came up from Louisiana after my mom passed away and am ready to find a new family soon! My foster mom says I’m as sweet as can be!

 I am a people-dog. I always want to be with my person and follow my foster mom everywhere. I love to cuddle on the couch or play with toys (ESPECIALLY squeaker toys!) I currently live with two other dogs and do fine with them. I do prefer that they leave me be with my person and play on their own though. I’m simply just too “mature” to participate in that non-sense rough housing.

I seem to be mostly potty trained but I am an excited and submissive pee-er. If someone I don’t know comes to me and bends over me, I get scared and hunch down and pee. Once I get to know and trust someone new though, then I’m ok with them coming up to me. When my foster mom gets home from work I get really excited to see her and sometimes I trickle a little bit.

I am currently crated during the work day. My foster mom thinks I would probably be ok being left out of the crate. I am learning basic commands. I LOVE to go for walks and walk VERY well on a leash! Did I mention that I love to cuddle!? These past few months have been really hard with a lot of big changes! I’m looking for a brighter future! Could you be my new furever family!?