Plott/lab Mix|female|6 months old|43 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Stormy is just the sweetest girl and a very calm, gentle puppy.  Stormy has plenty of energy to run around the house with our resident dog, but is often content finding a warm place to stretch out and nap. She seeks out her kennel when she’s sleepy, or when she wants to have a solitary bone chewing session. She settles down quickly for the night, with a couple short whines almost as if to say “Goodnight!’  Stormy is very interested in little ones, wagging her tail non-stop as trick-or-treaters came to our door, and letting out little whimpers as they went away.  She also adores attention from big people too, often sprawling out on her back to solicit belly rubs, or pushing our resident dog out of the way to capitalize on a petting session.  Stormy is very good about doing her business outside, but has had a couple accidents after naps. Being a quiet dog, she seldom barks, so most clues currently are non-verbal when she needs to potty.  As a laid-back dog, Stormy is timid around more dominant dogs, and would do well with a another laid-back dog who knows how to play, and how to relax. Loud noises still make her a little nervous, but she knows that her kennel is safe and will seek that out until things calm down. She is a smart girl, picking up “Sit" very quickly, and is learning how to wait until she gets the “OK” to start eating her food, instead of shoving her face right in as soon as we set it in front of her.  Stormy has quickly learned how to use these long legs of hers, but sometimes forgets which foot goes where on stairs, opting to belly slide down when it gets too confusing(or she’s just seeking more belly rubs on her own!)