heeler Mix|female|3 months old|17 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Starling (or Star, as we call her) is really blossoming. She has become much more confident and is no longer fearful of my husband. She has quite a silly personality and loves attention. She gives tons of kisses and wags her tail very easily. You can always tell when she knows I'm awake in the morning because I can hear her tail thumping in the crate in the other room. She has become much less bossy with consistent expectations and boundaries and has really become a joy to be around. She is going to make someone a really wonderful companion. 

Pupdate 1: Starling is a wonderful puppy -- she plays hard and sleeps hard. She really enjoys playing with her sibling, but can be easily redirected with toys. She is doing very well with crate training. We have only had one accident in the crate and she is sleeping 8 hours at night with her sibling in their crates in our bedroom. They are quiet in their crates and don't fuss when we put them in. 

She is also doing well with house training - we have only had one accident in the house. Sticking to a schedule really helps reinforce house training, and she and her sibling do really understand that when they hit the grass, they should 'go potty.' Starling and her sister are getting along well with our dogs as well and understand cues from them when they aren't interested in playing. She enjoys belly rubs and being cuddled.

Between her and her sister, Starling is the more high-energy, dominant type dog. She is vocal (although, luckily not when she's in her crate) and she can be pushy with her sister. She is eager to please, but is also happy to test the limits to see what she can get away with. She loves going for walks and playing in the yard. She will need a family that sets some boundaries and sticks to them. Interestingly, despite her personality, it took her a number of days to warm up to my husband.