terrier Mix|female|10 months old|8 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5:  Sassy has been kid tested and kid approved.  I recently took her to a pet store where we came across numerous kids who asked if they could pet her. The were on the floor with her playing, getting kisses and Sassy had lots of hugs and treats.  

For the past couple of weeks I have been letting her sleep with me at night, which has been working extremely well. She usually sleeps through the night. On occasion she has woke me up to go out! Good girl Sassy!. Since it has gotten rather cold outside she sometimes will sleep under the blankets, so no need for an electric blanket.

Pupdate 4: Sassy has come a long way and is doing wonderfully! She now sits reliably on command. She is also getting really good at asking to go outside when she needs to go potty - a little more fine tuning and she will be perfect. Our next mission is to work on the command "down".  Sassy will make any family super happy since she is a happy puppy who is easily entertained.  Just throw a ball and Sassy will play with it for hours, inside the house or out!  Sassy is really hoping she can find a loving family who will play ball and help her burn off some energy.  

Pupdate 3: We are still working on basic commands, etiquette and housebreaking. Since her brother was just adopted it will be easier for one on one training.  She is doing great with walking on a leash. No pulling or stopping. 

Sassy loves to be outside, chasing falling leaves or just running around the yard. She has a lot of energy so running is a great way to tire her out. She doesn't play fetch, but when you throw a ball she starts running.

She loves to snuggle and gives plenty of kisses. She also loves popcorn.

Pupdate 2: Sassy has settled in very well and we are continuing to work on basic training and etiquette. She's making progress with on-leash walking but will sometimes stop and won't move.  She has a tendency to jump up on people and we are working to correct that. I have been letting her outside for potty breaks on a schedule and so far there have not been any accidents. I have also started working with her on basic commands; sit, down, come. She is not possessive of her toys, isn't food aggressive, and sleeps all night in her crate.  

She does get along with every dog she has encountered, although with the last two she met we had to do a slow introduction.  This could be because they were older and bigger. But after the intro, she played with them all day.

Pupdate 1: Sassy is a precious 7 month old puppy and her name suits her. She can sometimes play rough with her brother Fraz. We are working on housebreaking and are on a schedule. She does know the word out and will go to the door when you say it, but does not go to the door when she has to go on her own. She is crate trained & gets along great with other dogs. We will also be working on walking on-leash since this is new to her.