terrier Mix|female|3 years old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Hello, Sasha here!  Now that I'm all healed up from my spay surgery, I'm having a lot of "firsts" and I wanted to tell you about them! I had my first bath.  Did I love it? no, but I was a good girl and let my foster parents wash me.  Now my coat is so soft and glossy! 

I went to some pet friendly stores for the first time.  Given my reserved demeanor, my foster parents weren't sure how I'd do, but I surprised them - I was a total rock star! I loved walking around the stores and smelling all the smells. I also went up to lots of strange people and let them pet me. I even gave some of them kisses!

My foster parents heard me bark for the first time when some people came to our house.  I quickly stopped barking once I realized the people were not going to hurt me.  Then my tail started wagging like crazy! I showed the people how I can throw my toys in the air and play.  I let them pet me and I even kissed them goodbye.

I learned my first command - "sit" - really quickly.  my foster parents say I'm "food motivated" and should be easy to train, if given the time.

I'm such a sweet pup, you really should meet me!

Pupdate 1: Say hello to Sasha! Sasha’s prior owners surrendered her to their local animal shelter, and we can’t figure out why.  She is a very quiet, lower energy, sweet dog who loves human attention. She is potty trained when taken out regularly (every few hours) and walks well on a leash (no pulling , no zig-zagging).   When Sasha first came to our home, she was not used to being crated. However, in just a few weeks, the crate has become her safe space and she regularly chooses to hang out in the crate by her own free will.  However, given that Sasha hasn’t shown any interest in chewing on things that she shouldn’t, with a little testing and puppy proofing of your home, she would probably be ok uncrated, if you wish to do so.

Sasha is a very quiet dog.  We have never heard this girl bark! (though she does whine a bit from time to time).   Sasha gets along with our other foster and resident dogs, but so far, shows little interest in playing with them.  For that reason, and given that she is so human focused, we think Sasha would do just fine as an only-dog.

Sasha enjoys walks and runs (we’ve taken her on some 5 mile runs with us and she did great).  However, she is a lower energy dog and won’t be bouncing off the walls if you can’t get a long walk or run in every day or even every few days.   Sasha also sleeps quietly through the night in her doggy bed (or sometimes she decides to sleep in her crate).

The only “problem” we’ve noticed so far in Sasha is that she startles easily, perhaps due to some prior abuse, and so we think she’d do better in a home without young children.