Yellow Lab Mix|female|2 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Sash continues to do well, and her spirit and resilience through her HW treatment is extraordinary. Since the initial posting, we discovered that Sash also has worms in her stool, and she is midway through her treatment for that as well. Since she's begun that treatment, she's been able to retain weight better and is not so skinny as when she came to us, which is great! She will have a vet checkup in a few days to ensure there are no newly developed HW and to do a general health check for her, at which point she'll be ready for her forever home!

In the meantime, Sash continues to enjoy brief walks and is getting braver with new dogs and people. She does especially well with low to medium energy dogs, and is very comfortable around our resident dog. Sash loves to use her little lab nose to sniff everything, which is great outdoors when she's exploring! It also means that she might find her way into unattended food in the house, so we've been discouraging begging and sniffing around human food which helps a lot.

Pupdate 1: This momma is ready to settle into her forever home! Sash has gotten along well with everyone she's met - adults, kids, and other dogs - though she can be shy during the initial introduction, especially with high energy dogs and kids. She's been coming out of her shell quite a bit since joining us several weeks ago as she is introduced to more stimuli. She has undergone heartworm treatment and will require some activity restriction for a few more weeks while she fully recovers. Sash walks well on a leash, wants to give you kisses, and LOVES to get belly rubs! She's never had an accident in the house, willingly goes into her crate, and is eager to learn and please. We've affectionately dubbed her "waggle-butt" because the ferocity with which she wags her tail moves her entire backside! Sash would be a great addition to any home, and if you choose to meet her, prepare to fall in love with this sweet, affectionate girl and her big brown eyes!