Catahoula Mix|male|3 months old|15 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: My name is Samson, I'm a 3.5 month old Catahoula mix. I am not house broken yet but I'm working on  it. I still wake up at night and need to be let out between 2:00 am-4:00 am. I stay in a crate when my foster mom is at work and at night because she doesn't trust me yet. With good reason because I have an oral fixation. I like to chew on anything and everything. I stay occupied with bully sticks, pigs ears, knee caps and rope toys. Recently, I learned what "go to bed" means. Just so you know, I can be stubborn or get super excited and the command will need to be repeated.
I am shy but once I am comfortable I enjoy anyone's company. I love playing with my foster sister and any other playmates you give me. I have had 2 encounters with cats. I liked sniffing them,and getting to know them.  I will need supervision if you have any cats. I don't have any experience with kids or babies. I'm sure I'll like them because I'm super friendly.

I love to snuggle with my foster mom. Belly rubs are awesome! I would love to find a forever home who will take me to puppy classes to teach me sit, stay and learn to walk on a leash. Did i mention I'm super smart and handsome?! One last thing, I need exercise! Either play time with other friends or walks. Will you be my forever home?