Jack Russell/Chihuahua Mix|male|5 years old|12 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Big news in Rusty land: he got neutered last week! Recovery is going super well. Since bringing him home from the vet, Rusty hasn't tried to hump anyone or anything, and hasn't been trying to mark at all either. Success! He'd had some skin irritation from the antiseptic used to prep him for neutering, but that's all been resolved after giving him benadryl for a few days. He's already back to his old snuggly self!

Rusty gets along very well with my resident dog, and seems to do well with most of the other dogs he's met while in foster care. He lived with three dogs and one small human after he was transported to fetch but before making it to his foster home and did well there too...so overall seems just fine with kids and other dogs. 

I've been leaving Rusty to roam free in the apartment while I'm gone at work and haven't had any issues with that. During the day he likes to sleep, chew on chewies, and sleep some more. He gets excited to go out when you come home from work, and loves eating (he was a bit overweight when he came to Fetch but has since shed a few pounds!) so dinnertime is very exciting as well. After that, he's content to spend the rest of the evening lounging and snuggling with you.

Rusty would do well with a family looking for a low-maintenance, loving little guy to win over their hearts with his affection and silliness. Doesn't need a ton of exercise but does enjoy going for longer walks with you so he can sniff everything and meet all of the neighbor pups. Total love bug, he's a big cuddler who loves to curl up next to you on the couch.

Pupdate 1: Rusty is a super sweet, peppy little guy! After a few nervous days of figuring out his new surroundings, he's settling in quite nicely. After discovering that he was in fact *not* already neutered, we've been using a belly band to discourage marking behaviors when I can't be watching him like a hawk and that has worked really well. This should get even better after he has the big snip.

So far Rusty's favorite activities are going for walks and having his back scratched and belly rubbed. He's already learned which leash is his and gets really excited when you pick it up before getting ready for a walk :) Aside from that, most of the time he's lower energy and happy to just sit next to you on the couch/sprawl his tiny body across your lap to encourage more belly rubs. He's an excellent cuddle buddy!