Jack Russell/Chihuahua Mix|male|5.5 years old|18 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Rusty is an amazing workout buddy who enjoys a good, brisk walk or short run.  He loves to be outside and gets very excited when his leash comes out.  Rusty's energy levels are low except when he wants to play ball on the stairs.  This boy knows how to run the stairs and then naps the day away on the couch.  All around Rusty is low energy and free roams the house during the day.  

He wears a belly band to discourage marking behavior in the house.  It's super easy to change the belly band and he always cooperates!  After an active day, Rusty is all about cuddling on the couch and enjoys watching TV especially the Badgers!  He follows his humans around or watches from the couch when any activity is happening.  Rusty gets along with cats.    

He is currently attending the Dog Den for "Dream Team 1" classes.  He has participated in three classes and is getting the hang of sit, down, stand, leave it, touch and not jumping on visitors. He is a smart dog who is highly motivated by food!  Rusty needs a home with kids at least over the age of 12 years old to succeed. 

Rusty is not a fan of being picked up or bothered while he's sleeping at night.  He is a supportive family member always helping on errands in the car.