Australian Shepherd Mix|male|1.5 years old|52 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: This is Raylan. He's a fluffy snuggler with a lot of love in his heart and the cutest little tail that wiggles all the time. He's a very energetic boy and would do best with a yard to run in and is looking for someone that is committed to taking him on walks, possibly even a run. Raylan loves to play with our Aussie mix all the time, when they aren't playing he likes to cuddle on the couch or at our feet. At night he sleeps well on a dog bed on the floor next to our bed.

Raylan is nervous and a little skittish but is adjusting well to life in his foster home. That being said he does bark when people come into the house, but calms down as soon as he realizes they aren't a threat. He also suffers from a bit of separation anxiety, when we are gone he does best in a shut room, with the option to go into his crate for comfort. Speaking of his crate, he goes right in when asked.

When Raylan came to us he didn't seem to know many commands or was waiting to show us how smart he is! Now that he's warmed up he knows how to sit, shake, waits for us to say go before diving into his meals, knows to wait on the rug at the door so we can wipe his wet paws but his favorite word is walk. He walks well with some pulling when he sees a squirrel or smells something really good on the ground.

Overall Raylan is a great dog but he does have his faults. With the right family that is willing to work with him without giving in to his beautiful golden eyes he will I'm confident he can work through his anxiety and will go on to show you how smart he is!