Mix|male|old|lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Rainier came to us from Georgia.The pictures don't show it but his coloring is a beautiful dark chocolate with a brightness around his ears. And those ears are super soft! He will sleep in a crate but prefers to sleep near you or on the floor by your bed. He will try to sneak up by you but if you tell him no he will stay on the floor. He loves our 2 dogs and plays well with the neighbors dogs too. He responds well to their cues if he's playing too rough. He likes our cats but they aren't big fans. He likes to sniff and lick them, and when they've had enough, they will give him a little swat and he backs off. He's doing well with potty training and goes to the door, however if you aren't paying attention he will have an accident.  

We have a fenced yard and he loves to run and play . He is doing good on walks but does not love being on a leash. He is food motivated and sits and stays. He will try to eat out of our dogs bowls so if you have a food aggressive dog you may want to feed separately. He comes when called if he's not too interested in something else, but he is getting better.

Will do okay in a crate for a couple hours but will need plenty of exercise after being crated. We work from home so he isn't crated often

He loves to be by his human and will jump on the couch and snuggle. We are working with him on staying off the furniture but he's just so darn cute and cuddly it's hard to kick him off. He will let you take things from his mouth but can get a bit rambunctious when he meets new people, he just wants  to kiss and snuggle so he will jump up and mouth when he's excited. He doesn't bite but those little teeth are sharp so you will need to continue working on boundaries especially if you have small kids. 

He isn't much of a chewer but he will will grab the occasional shoe, however, he is easily redirected if you are paying attention. He is a pretty typical puppy and still needs work but he is coming along well with his manners and will continue to progress with a little leadership.