Lab/Plott Hound Mix|male|7 months old|42 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Radar is growing so quickly these days, its hard to believe he’s the same puppy who couldn’t figure out how to navigate stairs when we first got him! He’s absolutely growing into his long limbs so he’s much more confident these days in play and in cuddles. While he’s still a curious puppy, he listens well to directions and is getting to understand “leave it” much better these days. While Radar hasn’t really figured out fetch or chasing toys in general, he loves to chew on a good bone, and to run around the house with our other dog!

It amazes us every day how loving, well behaved, and happy this boy is! If you’re looking for a fun, goofy puppy to shower you in love and cuddles, and to constantly make you laugh with his chosen sleeping positions, Radar is your guy!

Pupdate 1: Radar is such a wonderful and loving boy who has come so far in the past month since we got him! Radar was pretty shy when we first picked him up from boarding, and whenever he would get nervous, he would lay completely flat on the ground like a pancake. Now he trots around all day like the brave boy that he is! He has absolutely stolen our hearts. Radar really doesn’t have a bad quality in him! He is pretty curious, and likes to collect shoes, slippers, and other fun looking things around the house, but luckily, he really only likes to mouth on them and hasn’t been able to do much damage as he learns to tell apart his toys from all those other fun things.

Radar is potty-trained and crate-trained, and spends his days in the crate when we are at work—though he is VERY excited to see us when we get home and basically jumps around like it’s the end of the 3rd quarter at Camp Randall. Radar is a cuddly, playful, and loving boy who just loves his humans and his dog friends. We know he will find his fur-ever home quickly!