terrier/Dalmatian Mix|male|7 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 6: Pun has so many great qualities as an adult dog!  He is fully potty trained, great with kids, loves to nap, enjoys a good chew toy (not your shoes!), and just wants to be with his humans.  Bath time and nail trims are no big deal!  This dog absolutely loves to run around in fenced yards.  He's looking for a human to spend time napping and teaching him new tricks.

Pupdate 5: Pun is growing into quite the dog!  He has mastered sit, shake and walking on a leash.  He's a quick learner so the tricks in progress include come, stay, place and lay down.  It turns out Pun is absolutely terrified of the vacuum cleaner and the sound of presents being unwrapped yet he is not bothered by storms.  Pun's idea of the perfect day is to cuddle under blankets with his humans and go on walks to the park.  Come meet this great boy!

Pupdate 4: Pun enjoyed a week with his sitter and a nice fenced yard.  He is not a fan of the cold weather and snow but will gladly wait to have his sweater put on.  Pun is becoming used to his muzzle and is a pretty good walker.  The training at Sit Means Sit has really helped improve his reactivity and anxiety around other dogs.  He was able to sit back to back with another dog and remain focused on his foster mom. 

Pupdate 3: Pun is working hard with his friends at Sit Means Sit. He enjoys the challenge and is looking for a strong pack leader to continue learning new tricks. Pun did great getting his nailed trimmed and allows his ears to be cleaned. This boy would absolutely love a fenced yard to run free in! More to come on his training progress.

Pupdate 2: Pun is the biggest fan of toys! He enjoys almost any ball, stuffed animal, rope or squeaky toy.  Pun is not a rough houser and enjoys playing with kids. He spent a week with a sitter and had some anxiety with the new environment but he does settle in. One of his favorite hobbies is to stare out the window or help his humans read a good book. I can't stress enough just how great Pun is with kids!! He attended two days of dog training class and is eager to learn. This smart boy eats from puzzle bowls and a Kong wobbler to help slow him down and challenge his mind.

Pupdate 1: Pun loves to cuddle and play with his many stuffed animals.  He is great with young kids and enjoyed a weekend with two toddlers! He's very gentle with kids and will not take toys or food out of their hands.  Pun is reactive to other cats and dogs wears a muzzle on walks. with minimal pulling.  Pun lived with 3 and 5 year old kids in a previous foster home.  He knows how to sit and shake. Pun is a smart boy looking for a family with no other animals and a love of cuddling!