Pug/Terrier Mix|male|5 months old|13 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Roo is now 5 months old.  He is completely house trained with no accidents in over a month!  He is in the crate during the day and tolerating this with no issues.  He continues to be snuggly and sleeps all night in bed with my son. He likes the warmth of someone with him.  He weighs about 18lbs.  No issues with eating.  He enjoys real food, the only thing he does not like so far is cucumbers.  He is playful with other dogs and children.  He is getting really good with not jumping up on people, this has been a work in progress.  He loves to go for walks on the leash and meeting new people and other animals.  He continues to be inquisitive and found a mom and her new kittens in one of our window wells and alerted us to this. (we do not have a cat). He did not scare them, no bark, but he kept going over to the window...wanting us to "check out what he found."  He loves to chew on his toys and treats. He enjoys his bath.  We trim nails 1 or 2 paws at a time and he is getting more comfortable with this.

Pupdate 3: He is now 4 months old.  He still is very inquisitive and checks out everything when we bring in groceries.  He likes to play with ice cubes too.  He walks well on a leash.  He sits at my feet when I am on the computer.  He likes to snuggle when we are watching a movie or tv.  He will sit now and wait for a treat when it is treat time.  He will go in and out of the crate at his leisure, sleeping in the crate at times with the door open.  Still working on housebreaking with him, he is 80% there!  He is eating twice per day.  Does well on car rides and at puppy events.  Very social.  Likes baths, and tolerates his nails clipped better if done two paws one day and two paws the next day.

Pupdate 2: Roo is an inquisitive character.  He is going outside for potty and we find that we have to give him longer to search out his perfect spot - because he is sniffing everywhere due to his inquisitive nature!  If he is brought back in too soon, he will have an accident.  He is doing great walking on the leash every day.  When he is tired, he goes into bed and goes to sleep all on his own.  Playful and snuggly.

Pupdate 1: First few days:  This little guy was anxious initially getting into the vehicle, difficult to settle and it turned out he was hungry! We gave him a few treats and then he settled right in and snuggled.  At home he is inquisitive and very playful. He loves to cuddle when he is ready to sleep, and it doesn't take long for him to  fall asleep.  He loves his rope toy and playing tug-o-war with his brother.  He is not too sure of the squeaky toy.  He did make great efforts to try to play with a 4 foot stick and a football!  He eats when he is hungry and goes to the door when he wants to go outside.  He can do 2 stairs, albeit awkwardly.  Had his nails trimmed and was a bit fidgety, but nothing extreme.  My son made a staircase for the pugs to get into and out of his bed, Roo does this with ease.  At this point, Roo hates the crate and will "sing" the entire time he is in there, and he stops when you look at him...but as soon as you look away he starts again.  He sleeps in the bed with my son all snuggly.

Week One:  Inquisitive and very playful.  Loves attention from kids and adults.  Loves to snuggle.  When he is tired, he climbs the stairs into bed and goes to sleep.  He wakes about 3am to go outside to potty and then back into bed.  Walks on the leash fairly well, but ends up wrestling with his brother and they have to be separated and held and then put back down to walk, this is repeated several times during the walk!  Roo likes to whine, cry and sing when he is not getting his own way - as soon as he gets what he wants it stops!  He likes to steal the toys and hide them in the crate.  He likes broccoli stems, cauliflower stems and raw carrots to play with.  Loves to play with ice cubes on the floor!  Enjoys cottage cheese and flavored greek yogurt.  

Inquisitive - keeps trying to get under our deck
Social - kids, adults, anyone that will pick him up and snuggle!
FUN and Playful - I think he would enjoy having a playmate