French Bulldog/Boston Terrier Mix|Male|3 years old|17 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

Petey is a tiny bundle of cuteness!

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: 
Petey is a sweet, energetic boy.  During the time Petey has been with us, we've discovered what a quick learner he is and what a blast he can be.  Petey certainly has his quirks, so he needs an owner with a warm but firm demeanor.  Petey enjoys taking baths, playing fetch (still learning to drop the ball), and cuddling.  He is independent and can be trusted to free roam when left home alone, but is also a loyal companion who will almost always want to sit on your lap.  Petey loves to play and can even entertain himself by throwing his toy in the air and running back and forth with it!  Petey also has a set of lungs on him.  If he sees another dog while he is on leash, he will let the whole neighborhood know.  It's a good thing they all think he is so cute.  Petey's working on this and is making major strides with some new strategies he learned from Sit Means Sit dog training! Petey would prefer a home without children.