french bulldog|female|9 years old|26 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Penny is a master of the stairs and enjoys grooming her fellow Frenchie siblings!  Penny has been a real trooper and had two small cancerous masses from her mammary chain.  The two chest x-rays did not indicate the spread of cancer but it's hard to know what the future might bring. As a senior, she needs some extra help with daily eye drops and allergies causing itchy paws.  She will sit in your lap while a dremmel is used to trim her nails like a champ!  She will not jump on furniture and is always up for a snuggle in a chair with her foster mom. Penny is looking for a special home that can help with her medical needs and be around to let her out for frequent potty breaks.  Leashes are not her thing but she doesn't go far. She is fully potty trained but has been known to try and eat her poop outside.  

Penny is a very loving girl who needs someone to help with her special needs!

Pupdate 1: Penny is a very sweet, low-key, senior French Bulldog. She likes to hang out with your family and other dogs. If she isn't next to you on the chair or sofa, she is snuggled up next to the resident dogs. She likes to groom them and follow them around. She needs to take frequent, quick potty breaks outside, and she is a good eater and always ready for a spontaneous ear scratching. 

You couldn't ask for a nicer companion to hang out with you all day in a warm, quiet environment. A retired couple would be perfect for this couch potato. When the weather warms up she might even be coaxed to take a stroll.