Border collie/springer spaniel Mix|female|4 months old|32 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hi there! I'm Penelope. I'm a 30-pound (and growing!) 4-month-old border collie/spaniel mix. I love you already-can you take me home? I am a very calm puppy who loves everyone I've ever met, once I get over some shyness. I love kids, too! I'm sometimes nervous to say hello, but within a minute or two, we're best buddies.

I have been making friends at doggy daycare. I used to be afraid of everyone, but I'm learning to interact! I love friends who will chase me and play tug-of-war, and I'm perfectly content to defer to an alpha dog.

I just saw a giant squirrel walking down the street, and I didn't know what it was! My owner says it was a cat. I kept trying to say hello, but my mom said I was too loud. That cat just ignored me, but I would love to meet your cats! I will probably be a little afraid of them.

I am mostly potty trained, but 100% crate trained! I whine and bark a tiny bit when my mom leaves, but not too much. I love to chew on sticks and roll in the grass. I chase tennis balls, but once I find them, I don't really see the point in bringing them back.

I like riding in the car and going on adventures. One day my mom took me kayaking and it was AWESOME! I think I want to learn to swim someday, but for now I stick to wading.

Do you want to meet me? I want to meet you! Let's be best friends! Will you be my forever home?