border collie mix|female|7 years old|45 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: We have gone to three lessons at Sit Means Sit training with Paisley now.  She is very timid and has confidence issues which is probably where some of her fear of dogs comes from.  She is looking for a human that will help bring her out of her shell more and show her that the world doesn't want to hurt her.  A lot of her training will consist of just focusing on you more instead of the scary things and keeping her chin up (literally and figuratively!)  Paisley was able to sit next to another dog without going crazy a couple of times during training!  With a dedicated leader, she'll be able to be around dogs safely, but she'll still really appreciate a home without other dogs since she's not a fan (she will still bite if you're not paying close attention.)  She's getting pretty good at sit, and we're also working on "place", lay down and heel.

More about Miss Paisley though: she exercises herself, so you don't have to worry about that! Her favorite pastimes are still running in circles, watching TV, and hopping around her toys.  She adores humans and looks to them for love and support.  She is a more low-key gal, but she still has plenty of love to give and is so happy, the perfect middle aged lady. She will make a great companion! And look at that smile!

Pupdate 1: Oh Miss Paisley, where do I start? Her name is Paisley, but people often call her Miss Paisley, even without having heard me call her that before.  It just fits for her :) She is a lovely little lady, truly.  Something about that look in her differently colored eyes just really touches my soul.  She is such an incredibly gentle and sweet dog.  

Paisley is deaf and she has been since birth, this is common with dogs and cats that are mostly white, who knew!  You would never notice if someone didn't tell you though.  She responds very well to hand signals - comes to you right away when you wave her over, gets all happy when you give her some jazz hands, and prances right into her crate when you wave her in.  Paisley has had no problems waiting to go potty outside.  She's great when outside in the yard, she LOVES to run in circles - Paisley has a very strong herding instinct.  She'll look at you for approval sometimes when doing this and looks really happy to please you.  Because of her herding instincts though, she may not be ideal to live with very young human siblings. She'll heard dining room table and chairs and pretty much anything else, including the children.  This can lead towards her barking at her herding subject and once in a while she may nip at them too.  She has never shown any aggression towards humans at all! This just might be a little scary for young children.

Paisley wants you to know that her most important flaw (everyone has their issues, right?!) is that she's really scared of other dogs.  She was attacked by another dog when she was very young and hasn't been able to trust them since.  Her response if let free by another dog is to bite them right away.  Because of this, she may do best as the only dog in the house.  Now, with that said, it is possible she could live with another dog with very dedicated training and strong leadership from her new human parents. Paisley is going to some private training at Sit Means Sit in a couple weeks, so I'll keep all of her eager followers updated with her progress as that happens :)  There is a chance that she could become more trusting, but keep in mind that there is still a chance that she'll never be able to live peacefully with another dog.

Enough of the serious stuff though!! Paisley ignores cats if you have feline friends in the house.  She is a very easy going dog that just wants her humans to be happy.  She'll entertain herself all day by herding the furniture and watching TV.  She has never gotten into anything in the house that she shouldn't either - truly a spectacular pooch.