Shepherd Mix | Female | 2 years old | 30 lbs | Adoption Fee $275

CJ's all time favorite TV character is CJ Cregg, from The West Wing, obviously.

Updates from CJ's Foster Home: 

Pupdate 7: CJ has been improving dramatically in my car!

When she first arrived she would drool like a leaky faucet and stare out the window with big saucer plate eyes... She wouldn't jump into the car, and would stand by it frozen in fear. By taking her with me lots of places she has slowly discovered that not every car ride takes her someplace scary and now she will leap into the car by herself to go for a ride. She does still drool occasionally, especially if she rides in someone else's car, but does better with the windows cracked.

Pupdate 6: CJ was taken from a home where she was kept in a kennel 24/7 for the first year of her life. As you can imagine, this means that CJ hasn't had many life experiences and only really knew how to be caged when she got to Fetch.Over the past several months, CJ has learned about trust. She's still unsure of strangers, odd bumps in the night, and new experiences... But winning her love has been a very rewarding experience. Her love, should you choose to earn it, will be lifelong. She'd prefer a home with another dog, and a human who loves to cuddle up with her on the couch. Is that you??

Pupdate 5: I'm still shocked that CJ has been with Fetch for as long as she has. She is the biggest lovers and frankly, one of the softest dogs I've ever snuggled! Look at that face!!!

Pupdate 4: CJ is thriving in her new foster home! It took her about 5 days to be comfortable with her new foster Daddy, we think having other foster dog siblings has helped with that adjustment dramatically. She will still bark if she's startled, but will wiggle over to us for cuddles and pets, and loves to play. She's been having an absolute blast going to doggy daycare, and is very social with them. She will let most of the staff there pet her... even though she's usually very shy. We think that CJ would do especially great in a home with another dog for those reasons. She's the biggest sweetheart once she knows you!

Pupdate 3: I've gotten to take CJ to a friend's house with a huge, fenced-in yard a couple times, and she really loves to run! With her long legs and body, she's definitely built for it. She's also figured out the retrieve part of fetch finally and will chase the ball over and over. CJ would really enjoy an active home. She's also getting better in the car, with lots of treats and positive reinforcement. She's still as snuggly as ever and loves all the attention she can get!

Pupdate 2: CJ is getting more and more comfortable with her surroundings but some things still make her skittish.  She loves the man of the house when he is sitting down and will cuddle up next to him on the couch and play with him, but when he stands up or walks into the room, she often growls and sometimes barks, and often doesn't come out of her crate for a while if he is the only one home when she is let out.  She is improving on walks and is nervous meeting new people but we have been working on teaching her that people = praise and treats! CJ is working on crate training and goes into her crate willingly for her favorite treat. She does whine some at night, but settles in well. She continues to be the best little snuggler and is great to keep you warm as the cold weather creeps in!  She seems to pick things up somewhat quickly and we have seen some progress with "sit," "off," and name recognition.  CJ is a real sweetie, very silly and very loving of the humans in her life!

Pupdate 1: CJ is a total sweetheart and the goofiest puppy. Her absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle up next to you on the couch!  She is a shy & nervous girl who will need someone to build her confidence. She likes other dogs and is learning from them about how to play and interact socially. CJ seems to be a medium energy-level and is perfectly happy curling up with you to watch a movie or take a nap!  She will need a period of adjustment to become comfortable in a new home, but with some time, love, and basic training she will be an affectionate, sweet companion!