shepherd Mix|male|2 years old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Bo has been making a lot of progress walking and exploring new places. He's still a bit timid at first, but now he's able to relax and continue on the walk instead of tugging to go back home. He's also able to calm down easier when things scare him during walks, which is also becoming less frequent. He still doesn't like crowds, but he is less anxious around new people and warms up to them quicker. 

Pupdate 1: Bo has been living with me for about a month and he has been doing great. He is very relaxed in the apartment and hardly ever barks. He is also crate trained and house broken, and hasn't had an accident in the apartment at all. He's a very sweet boy when he warms up to people, but it does take him some time to get comfortable in a situation.There are no other dogs in the household, but he has stayed with families that have other dogs and has interacted with kids, and he's done great in both situations. One thing to note is that he is very timid & anxious. He's very good on a leash (walking or jogging), except when it's a new place, or a place with a lot of stimuli and noises, at which point he does get scared and want to go back home. A good place for him would be a home with a yard so he will still be able to exercise and go outside even when he doesn't want to walk. Another dog in the house might also help him come out of his shell more and relax a little bit. Ultimately, he needs a loving home and owner that he can snuggle up next to (he likes to cuddle).