golden retriever Mix|male|8 years old|30 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Paddy shows more of his personality all the time. Every morning when he gets out of his kennel he does what I call the happy feet dance. He runs around in circles and throws his toys in the air. He is just so happy to see you. I swear he's almost smiling sometimes. You can't help but start your day with a smile when you see how happy he is. He turns into more of a lover every day and would love to just spend his days as close to his person as possible. Still having some issues with small potty accidents in his kennel but those are getting better. He is the quietest boy I've ever met too! He has yet to make a sound. Even the one day he accidentally got his nose in the door trying to sneak out behind me he didn't make a noise. 

Pupdate 1: This beautiful sweet senior boy is looking for his forever home.  I like to describe him as my precious Paddy who's a little rough around the edges.  We don't know much about him other than he was left behind on a road and brought into foster care.  It seems to me he may have been an outdoor dog with little attention.  

When he first arrived he did have accidents in the house, and peed wherever he was whenever he had to pee.  He has now gotten on a good schedule and when let out about every hour or so we've had no accidents. Hes really learning a whole lot about being an indoors dog though!  

Paddy is still working on some things. Sitting is a big one, since he hates to sit (even by choice; we don't ever really see him sit). He's either walking or lying down, no in between.  He does have a habit of getting excited about things in your hands, and every once in awhile, will snatch at your hands to try to get whatever's in it.  He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but sometimes he will nip your fingers a little.  He feels really bad after though, and he's improved greatly on this and very rarely does it now.  Sometimes he just gets a little excited.

Paddy is the biggest lover and would love pets and cuddles all day.  When he gets let out of his kennel in the morning, he runs happily up and down the hallway with his tail wagging, following me as we start our mornings. I call him my shadow because once he gives you his trust he wants to be by your side. He does like to shadow people a lot and may enjoy a home with less people so he can try to get a nap in. With our busy house, he's always got someone to follow. He likes to watch while laying down for his next game of follow the leader.  When I go to cook or stay in one room for awhile, he does go lay down somewhere but only once he's sure you're not going far.

Paddy doesn't do stairs well. He's okay at going down stairs, but doesn't do well going up stairs. He might do best in a single story home. Paddy is the best walker on a leash that I've ever had! Taking him for walks is wonderful. With our schedule, we get out for one half hour walk a day.  Paddy's favorite game to play is ball! He loves a tennis ball! He doesn't chew them up at all either, so he gets to keep his ball all day and it makes him happy.  He doesn't always want to give the ball back, but once you grab the ball and say 'drop it', he gives it up and can't wait for the next throw.

He did have testing done for possible cancer when he got neutered, but both lumps were benign. It is something that adopters would want to check for: any returning masses or pain in abdomen.  He may be 8 years young but he sure does have a lot of spunk left and a lot of love to give. Pets, ball, and brushings are his favorite. He has a favorite spot to pet and has the funniest leg movement when you hit it, and he just brings a smile to your face! He's just your typical sweet guy and would be a great addition to anyone or family who has love to give.