terrier Mix|male|9 months old|48 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Everyone is loving Otis! He has been so easy going and his potty training has been spectacular. He had a great weekend with a 6 year old lab and spends most of his days with our 9 year old puggle.  This week we introduced him to the bicycle and loves running alongside on the waist-leash!

Some other great characteristics:
-Does not jump onto counters
-Does not beg for food at the table
-Sits at the door or food bowl and waits for his command
-No longer barks when put in his crate during the day (yay!)
-Goes into his crate to hang out or nap
-He loves going along on bike rides and would probably would be a great running buddy.

Things he needs work to work on:
-Reacts to other dogs on leash (We are working on redirecting his excitement with treats)
-It has been hard for Otis to hang with dogs that are too similar to him.  Proper introductions can go a long way!

Pupdate 2: Otis is such a good dog, we are so surprised someone hasn't scooped him up yet! He is a super fast learner and has already championed sit, stay, down and is learning to walk with a loose leash. We do practice deference training with him and he responds very well.  Otis is a goofy dog who does well entertaining himself in our backyard, either chewing in his bones, tossing his football, or running hot laps.  He does still have a tiny puppy bladder, so we let him out often to make him successful.  Despite his puppy energy, he still likes to find a sunny spot in the yard to sprawl out and take a nap.

Pupdate 1: Otis is a typical puppy. He's currently worki­ng on potty training and he has his good and bad days. He loves to play with everyone and get pet by everyone, even kids. He does well with other dogs too. He is super sweet and beautiful and just always wants to fo­llow you and get some pets and love and cuddles. He is high energy and needs a lot of exe­rcise/play time or he'll get restless. Since he is still a puppy he needs to le­arn some basics but he knows sit, stay and down. He is crate trained and walks really well on a leash.