hound Mix|female|5 months old|31 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: We have been learning so much more about this sweet girl now that she has been with us about two weeks.   She just takes a little time to warm up to new people and settle in to new places/situations.  We dropped her off in the puppy pen at the Fetch 5k this last weekend and she whined at first but settled right in and had lots of fun hanging with the volunteers and getting pets from people attending the event.  She even zonked out by the end.  While we initially didn't know how she would do with kids, she has met several now and has actually done really well.  

She also stayed with a sitter for a couple days and quickly adjusted to that new environment.  She met many new people and while a little timid at first, warmed up quickly especially with spray cheese. She has also been improving with walking on leash...also motivated by spray cheese.  

We have also noticed she seemed to match the energy of her environment.  We have two young pups in our home in addition to Navy so she is very excited in this environment.  She loves to play and run with the other pups and chase the kitties.  At night after the other pups crash and go to bed, she just hangs out snoozing on the couch.  While recently with a sitter, a woman who lives alone with no other pets, the sitter described her as calm.  She also said she did really well with no accidents which leads me to believe the accidents she has at our house may be due to too much focus on playing and not realizing she has to go potty due to all of the excitement around her.  

Navy is going to make a wonderful addition to any home.  Apply to meet her because this love bug won't be available for long!

Pupdate 1: This charming girl has a beautiful and resilient spirit.  Navy and her three brothers had a really rough start to their lives in Alabama but it appears that no one informed Navy.  She is a sweet, loving, happy pup that is now ready to find her forever family. 

Navy has brought a lively spark of energy into our home in the last few weeks she has been with us.  She loves to wrestle and play with her foster fur-siblings.  She is submissive in play with more dominant dogs but will also steal a toy to start a game of chase.  She has become more curious with kitties as she has become more comfortable in her new space and will try to play/chase with the kitties too.  She has not been aggressive to the kitty but will bark and try to engage in play.  Depending on your kitty, they may not tolerate that, though with Navy being so young I have no doubt she can learn appropriate behavior around the kitty.  She does fairly well with redirection and we are working on the leave it command which will help with a variety of behaviors in a curious pup.  She has not been around kids at all yet but with her mouthy-ness and excitability right now I would suggest either constant supervision or perhaps older kids that are able to help her redirect.

She is a pretty typical pup in terms of behaviors we are working on.  She is almost six months so she is still quite mouthy/nippy, earning her the adorable nickname of baby shark.  She will usually stop in her tracks if you give her a firm no and redirect her to a toy to chew on.  We have had a slew of toys available to her so we have not had any issues with chewing on furniture or rugs but she has pulled out a few shoes that were left in her reach.  We are also still working on potty training.  She does pretty well when let out every hour or so when she has free roam of the house and hasn’t had any accidents in her crate since she has been with us.  She is crated for 8-9 hours overnight and then again during the day while we are at work anywhere from 4-8 hours without issue.  She goes into her crate fairly easily with a treat bribe and she will sometimes whine for a few minutes but will settle in quickly.  If she can hear you milling about or getting ready, she will let you know that she knows you are still there. 

She is very smart and food motivated.  She already knows “sit” and “look” commands.  We are also working on “down”, “touch”, “leave it”, and “ring the bell to go out to go potty” which isn’t so much a command as a habit.  She gets VERY excited to eat meals (or to watch you eat meals) which may be a result of the rough start she had so we also are working on “wait” with her to encourage her to be calm before she eats.  She does eat very fast though and will then try to hijack the other pups food so right now she either needs to be monitored and then occupied until the other dogs are done eating or fed in a separate area.  She has not exhibited any food aggression with food or treats.

Navy really likes people.   She attached to her foster mom almost immediately and doesn’t like it when she wanders too far away from her.  She may whine a bit until foster mom emerges from the other side of the baby gate.  This has decreased in frequency as she has become more comfortable in her foster home.  Once things calm down and the pups get pooped for the night, she loves to snuggle in by a human or curl up by the dogs on the dog bed.  She is a little bit more hesitant to greet people in new spaces but is still curious enough to sniff a hand.  Due to her start, everything is very new to her.  She is still figuring out walking on a leash, riding in the car (though she does pretty well once she settles in), meeting other pups on leash, people walking by the house, the garbage truck, garage doors, etc.  She is looking for a family that will be patient with her while she masters all of these new things.  A positive reinforcement puppy class might be good to help her work on some of these skills and feel more confident with new people/spaces/things. 

Navy is a very special girl and deserves the most perfect family to love her forever.