hound Mix|female|5.5 months old|25 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Nami is a silly puppy with a great personality. She loves to play with her foster sisters and thinks fallen leaves are the best. She also loves to go on walks around our property. This past weekend, she met a cat at the vet's office. She was interested, but cautious, and was respectful when the cat let her know she was too close with a hit on the nose. 

Nami is still learning about meeting new people and can take some time to warm up. She will benefit greatly from more socialization on walks and perhaps a puppy class. 

Nami is still doing wonderfully in her crate at night and has only had one accident in the house, which was really more our fault than hers. She was asking to go out, but we thought she just wanted to go chase leaves. Oops :(  

Pupdate 1: Nami is a very sweet, laid back puppy. She is fully crate-trained and sleeps through the night in her crate with no problems. She loves belly-rubs, playing outside, chewing on her toys, and playing with our resident dogs. She is also perfectly content with snoozing the day away. Nami has not had any accidents in the house, but I still wouldn't completely trust her unsupervised. 

Nami is still learning that new people and environments are not scary and takes a little time to warm up. Once she warms up to new people, her sweet, silly personality comes out.