Border Collie/Spaniel Mix|female|1.5 years old|37 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Molly here with an update for all of you potential adopters. My foster mom has been introducing me to many new situations so I can work through being scared and learning good things are going to keep happening for me. Everyday I have little successes but I can't be rushed. When I meet someone new, it is best if you ignore my barking and try not to look directly at me. I need time to approach you. Once I figure out you are safe, you are part of my circle of friends. It is hard because I am so adorable and people go way too fast for me and I get scared. I am a good girl and you just need to understand my needs and want to work with me so my inner dog can shine through.  

Pupdate 4: My foster mom is so proud of my continued progress! Last week at dog daycare, I made two new friends with the staff and one of them was a man. I am still slow to trust new people but with the continued training and socialization, I have small successes each week which are huge for me. I would for sure do best with someone that has dog training experience and is willing to be dedicated to help me come out of my shell. 

Pupdate 3: Molly here with an update for all of you potential adopters. Every day I am making progress :) My foster mom is very proud of me because yesterday I was able to let a stranger greet and pet me. I am a sensitive girl and trust comes slow for me right now. I am looking for my person to be understanding, patient and committed to being an advocate for me. I promise that once we have a trusting relationship you will see what a great companion I can be. I am a sweet girl that loves belly rubs. Also, I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am smart and eager to learn. My foster mom is going to try to teach me to catch a frisbee this week. 

Pupdate 2: My foster mom is working very hard to boost my confidence. We have been doing lots of training with leave it, sit, stay and down. I am a very smart girl and probably would be awesome at agility. Dog day care was scary at first and now I am excited to get there and play with my friends. I like to play with all kinds of dogs and I love to play. My foster mom thinks it would be great if I had a canine sibling to build my confidence. We are also working on appropriate things to chew on. I love my kong with some duck pate. 

Pupdate 1: Molly is very playful and still acts a little bit like a puppy. She does best when she's with other dogs, and gains her confidence from them. Otherwise, she is fearful in new situations and with new people, especially men. 
She needs supervision while loose in the house, or she will chew on inappropriate items. 
Molly is house-trained and crate trained, but needs coaxing to go into her crate. 
She went to Dog Den and was very nervous, but she's slowly coming out of her shell thanks to the patient staff there and the magic of hot dogs!