lab/chesapeake retriever Mix|female|7 years old|76 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Molly is a sweet, quiet girl ready to settle into her forever home. She is quiet during the day and good with being left alone if her humans go to work. While she is completely kennel trained, she has been allowed to roam the house alone and at night. She doesnt get into the garbage or chew on anything other than toys. She loves going on walks, and is good about loose leash walking. She does occasionally get carried away by her nose and tries to follow fun smells, but is easily directed. At home, she likes to have her teddy bear thrown for a rousing game of fetch. She prefers soft, cuddly toys that do not squeak. She likes hugs and kisses on top of her head, and will sit politely while receiving affection. 

She knows "sit," "stay," "wait," "go get it," "drop it," and "lay down."

Molly only knows two types of people and dogs: best friends and future best friends. If allowed, she will walk up to strangers for affection, and even sniff strange dogs. She has never been aggressive towards any dog or person. She has been around kids as young as 1, and does well. She is calm and patient with young children. She tends to leave cats alone, other than a quick sniff if they get really close. She does not chase them and has not tried to get into the litter box area.

She can be anxious in new situations or around sudden loud noises. If she is on a leash and is frightened, she will try to move away. To prevent her slipping her collar, Molly should probably be walked on a harness and kept inside if the lawnmower is out.

Molly would make an excellent first dog for new owners, and would do exceptionally well in a quiet home, with or without other animals. As she is low energy between walks, she would do just as well in an apartment as she would in a house.