chihuahua/dachshund Mix|female|1.5 years old|12 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Missy is settling in and is a charming girl. She plays about ten minutes a day, and snuggles the rest of the time. Her mellow, calm, sweet energy makes her the perfect companion. She loves to be held or spend her time curled up on the couch. She is extremely sweet to the resident dogs and plays very well with both of them, even though they outweigh her by 40 plus pounds. She has been crated as long as eight hours overnight and is doing great. No house accidents. No whining. She will whine a bit when we leave, but quickly settles down according to our remote camera. She's going to make some family extremely lucky.

Pupdate 1: Missy is the sweetest girl. She would be a great companion for someone who could bring their dog to work, or someone who could spend most of the day with their dog. She is loved by our two big, resident dogs. She was a little afraid of our dogs at first, but is now running around with them outside. She has been around older kids, cats, small and large dogs, and just has a great energy with all. She has had no house accidents since living with us, although she has had house accidents prior to coming to our home. We have a routine, and she's kenneled when we aren't actively watching her. That's been a huge help in her potty training.

She prefers to be with her people, and will come running if you call. She very much wants her people to be happy. She's happiest snuggling next to her favorite human or dog. She is learning how to crate in our home, but was left loose at her foster home in LA, and did just fine. She will whine for a few minutes while kenneled, and once in awhile, she'll let out a bark. She is doing OK on leash, but prefers to go potty off-leash. 

Missy is shy about new places and situations, but will settle in after a few minutes. She's very quiet and submissive, although she has barked a few times along with our resident dogs. She's going to make her forever home so very happy. She is an easy, sweet, gentle, and loving girl.