terrier Mix|female|10 months old|33 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Millie has gone weeks without an accident in the house! She more than willingly goes into her crate, and sometimes leaps in there before we can even tell her to get it. She’s been enjoying  the nicer weather with long walks, and does pretty well on a leash. Her spunk, personality, and wiggly butt make everyone laugh every day

Pupdate 1: Millie is a sweet little pup that loves attention. She gets along well with the resident dog  and loves to play with him. She’s acclimating to the snow and is starting to love it, good thing since we’re getting a ton. She’s very food motivated and seems to be a pretty smart cookie.  She’s making strides as far as potty training goes, and does well with a schedule. Willingly goes into her crate, especially when it’s stocked with toys and treats. Millie would be a great addition to anyone’s home and is patiently waiting to find her own family