Parson Terrier Mix|female|10 months old|39 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Mayflower had quite the adventure recently when she accidentally got off her leash at the sitter's.  Luckily, our sweet girl is home safe now! The ordeal of getting lost for a little while has caused Mayflower to return to being a bit skittish and nervous around strangers as she was in the beginning of her time with us. We are slowly easing her back into her routine and working on getting her back into the confident girl we know she can be! The good news is that she’s made positive progress before, so we can expect her to make strides again.  Such a resilient pup!

Pupdate 4: She is a highly trainable pup! She also matches your energy level, lounging with the adults and running with the kiddos. She’d love to learn how to fetch (we’re still working on that one) and I think she’d make an excellent running buddy. She’s a lot more confident around strangers, still barks a little but warms up to new people much faster. Gets along great with the neighbor’s dogs and children! 

Pupdate 3: Mayflower has just about fully adjusted to the neighborhood. She still is a little nervous around new people and other animals, but she’s improving every day. She’ll still greet you with a good bark, but that’s all that it is. She’s a great sleeper and is a crate pro. Still enjoys chewing on things, but has gotten better about knowing what’s off limits. Totally hives with our cat now, our cat still isn’t a fan :)

Pupdate 2: We've learned Mayflower is quite protective of her little people (our kids) she takes a bit to warm up to strangers in our home. We usually take her to yard with company as she’ll bark and generally is on guard. Treats will be your friend! She’s a sweet little girl and loves our little boy and girl to pieces, but she’ll require patience in warming up with her permanent home owners, or someone that has experience with shy/nervous dogs. Trust though, she will! Took close to 2 weeks for her to truly open up to us (adults). Anyone willing to take the time with this sweet girl will have an amazing addition to the family.

Pupdate 1: Mayflower is truly such a sweet girl! She is great with our 2 year old son and 6 year old daughter; she connected with both of them immediately. Mayflower was also very patient with our cat Panda, who wasn't exactly thrilled with the new addition.  She loves the yard and runs on her own for what seems like miles, but also enjoys being a couch potato. She is great in the crate, walks in on her own and goes to bed, and is also house broken. She has not had any accidents in the house.

It took her a few days to get comfortable going for walks in the neighborhood, but once she got the lay of the land she did great. She loves chew toys and ice cubes and dislikes mosquitoes. She is a sweet girl that anyone would be lucky to have.