golden doodle|female|2 years old|44 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hello! My name is Maya and I am a beautiful (or so my foster mom tells me) Golden Doodle with curls that are red and ever so soft. I am a very good girl who is completely potty trained and can be left out of my kennel during the day! I sleep on the floor next to my parents bed but sometimes I put my hands on the bed in the middle of the night just to make sure my parents are still there. Once I know they're okay I curl back up on my bed. I have two doggy foster brother's, one small and one big. I don't mind the small one, in fact I really just ignore him. But the big one can sometimes scare me and when he takes my frisbee from me I don't like it very much. Sometimes I show my teeth at him. My foster mom tells me I shouldn't do that and has been giving me firm commands so I learn to share. I really would prefer it if my furever home had no other animals so I can have mom and/or dad all to myself. And speaking of Frisbee, oh my goodness it is my very favorite. I would really like to have a home that has lots of land to run around on OR a big fenced in yard. My foster mom's arm got real sore after throwing the frisbee for an hour in the park but I could have kept on running after it. I want to make sure my new parents are willing to commit to throwing a frisbee with me hopefully every day! Boy would I love that. 

When my foster parents have humans over I get really really shy and scared. So I sure do hope that my furever family will be patient with me while I figure out my new home. I should probably go to a home without young children too..... those tiny humans scare me! But the big humans are nice! I promise that once you play fetch with me, or give me some yummy treats, I will love on you too! You may have to just give me some time. 

I sure do hope I find the perfect home, are you my next mommy or daddy?