terrier Mix|male|3 years old|11 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Max has been with us for two months now and he just completed his vetting!  He came from the streets of Shelbyville, TN where he was found roaming the streets by the police with a badly damaged front leg.  He was taken to a rescue in Tennessee and was nurtured back to health by many caring people who donated money and time for this sweet boy. Unfortunately,  his front leg couldn't be saved and was removed at the end of April.

His Personality: 
He's the epitome of joyfulness.  He's spunky, sweet and a tease.  He really just wants someone he can be with all the time.  He loves our resident dog and can be found sneaking up on him while he is sleeping and nibbling on a back leg to get a play session started.  He's great with all people and animals that we've encountered so far.  

His Behavior:
Max loves to run outside.  Don't let the three legs fool you...he's like road runner on Red Bull when he gets going.  He does occasionally do a digger on his face when he's taking a corner at 50 MPH but then gets right back up and keeps going.  He loves walks and does well on a leash.  When he gets tired I scoop him up and carry him the rest of the way.  Indoors he's adapted to a crate fast!  Occasionally I put him in there when I need a break and he's OK with that.  He sleeps in the mudroom without a crate or in a bed without any problems.  When he first arrived we did have accidents indoors but has learned our routine and we've learned his cues.  We've been accident free for a couple weeks but I'm sure there will be some adjusting in his new home and new routine.  It seems like he had some decent training wherever he came from.

He's really looking forward to his last stop!  Hope you consider this fun pup!