boxer/beagle Mix|male|9 years old|45 lbs | *sponsored*

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 10: We were a little nervous leaving for a 10 day vacation since someone was always home with Marley. We had my daughters boyfriend and grandma come to let him out, feed and walk him. He actually did really good! Marley is a joy to have. We have tried many toys and bones which he had no interest. However last weekend one of my girls asked the butcher at the grocery store for a bone and he is chewing it like you wouldn’t believe! He sure is making progress!

Pupdate 9: Today was a great day for Marley. We took him on a 2.5 mike walk seeing other walkers and dogs. He did not jump or pull ! He loves being outside and is barking less often. After this nice long walk he will be tired the rest of the day and chill! 

Pupdate 8: Since the weather has gotten nicer, Marley is loving being outside. There is lots to look at. He is getting used to all the birds, ducks and sounds of summer. He loves to go on runs and walks in the neighborhood. As long as we keep moving he is getting pretty good with any distractions. It’s been pretty hot this holiday weekend so a good run in the morning left him exhausted in air conditioning the rest of the day. Later on we hung out in the shade on the deck. We found out he loves watermelon, strawberries, carrots and cheese. Some great summer snacks! 

Pupdate 7: Now that the weather is getting much nicer, Marley loves to be outside. Sometimes he gets excited about things and sounds around him such as birds, airplanes, cars, people etc. but we continue to keep him focused on the task on hand. Once he gets his outdoor time it knocks him out the rest of the day! He is fun to have around and did I mention how much he loves his belly rubbed??😄

Pupdate 6: Marley had some glamour photos taken this weekend!  He was such a ham in front of the camera!  He did great with the photographer, but was a little leery of her male assistant.  He knew just how to strike a pose and loved the attention.  Marley would definitely love a laid back family who has some dog experience to make him feel comfortable and give him positive vibes.

Pupdate 5: We just got 28 inches of snow this weekend and Marley is loving it! Running in the snow is really good exercise for him! He loves being outside. His walks are improving, and he has made tremendous leaps and bounds since we brought him home. He sits by the patio door when he needs to go outside then sits when he comes in. We normally give him a treat when he can sit still and focus on us. We are so proud of him!

Pupdate 4: After getting over his ear infection, Marley has been a different dog. He seems like himself again. Now that the weather is getting nicer he loves being outside. At first he would bark at every little thing he hears but we are working on reassuring him nothing is there. Sometimes he’ll just lay in the grass and chill. Our walks are getting better as well. He usually barks at a guy we see on a bike every morning, this week he has not done that. When I see the biker I talk tell him to keep going and just keep walking Marley. He is getting better at not being so reactive to strangers as long as there is advance notice. 

Pupdate 3: We continue to work with redirecting Marley from other dogs. Today he had a good day. We continue to talk to him until we pass them. He definitely is making progress. Now that the weather is nicer he loves being outside. Again, a fenced in backyard would be ideal for him. After he gets in a good walk, he eats really well! Then he rests most of day. Loves to be pet. He is a good dog and loves attention.

Pupdate 2: Marley has been itching his ears quite a bit this past couple weeks.  We brought him to our local vet and he had an ear infection with off the charts level of yeast in his left ear.  The vet said his behavior was probably due to the ear infection. He is on day 4 of drops and what a huge difference. He is a better listener and doesn’t bark as much as he was so we're glad we were able to fix that ear infection!  He is back to his laid back and lazy self.  Yesterday and today were good days walking!  Yeah!

Pupdate 1: Marley has a rough background with men and other dogs. We are going on lots of walks to get him used to other dogs. He is getting better.- we are redirecting.  Not pulling as much as he used to. He loves to run and enjoys being outside. A fenced in yard would be ideal. 

We has adjusted well to our family. Our four kids range from 11-21 years old and he adjusted well. He can get overwhelmed especially when there's a lot of shouting in the house, so we keep things low key so he doesn't get stressed. One thing Marley really loves is getting his belly rubbed and he loves all affection. He does not like his crate, however he does well out and about on our main floor when we're gone. He will lazily lay by our fireplace all day long. He is potty trained and goes 5 hrs before he needs to be let out. He does not beg for food or anything and is so polite! Has never climbed on furniture, we are very firm with that and he does wonderfully with it. He does sleep in bed with one of our kids. He is a complete joy to have!