shih tzus|female and male bonded pair|10 and 11 years old|11 and 15 lbs|Adoption Fee $400


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Meet Madonna and Guy, a pair of bonded Shih Tzus! Guy was already a wonderful dog but after being neutered just weeks ago, he is now even sweeter. Guy is quiet, loves attention, and will be by your side (but not too close) all day long. He weighs in at 15 pounds which happens to be the same amount of teeth he has! Soft foods will most likely be his diet from here on out but he’s not a picky eater. His bonded “partner in crime”, Madonna, will never be far behind as they do everything together. Madonna is too strong a name for this happy, sweet, quiet pup! We lovingly refer to her as Maddie. She is everything you could want in a furry friend; a snuggler, a good listener, and she is oh so adorable! At only 11 pounds you can carry her anywhere, but she can still leap tall buildings with no help at all! She is the perfect pup and the best part is, you don’t get just one sweet, adorable pup, you get two because Guy and Madonna are a bonded pair! They really are the sweetest pair of dogs you will ever meet!