heeler Mix|female|4 months old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Hi guys! Its Maddy here to let you know that I’m really hoping to find a forever family to settle in with and to love me lots! My mom says she’s so proud of me and how far I’ve come in this past month—I was such a chicken at first! The first few days were rough, and I was VERY shy. But these days, I’m a blast—and my skin is no longer dry and itchy! Even though I’m not loving the snow, you can’t really blame me for that one—I heard its supposed to be spring, and I can’t WAIT to get outside and run around! I have quite a strong nose, so I spend my walks sniffing around for fun scents and smells. I went with my mom to a friend’s house this weekend for a playdate, and I got along GREAT with their 75 lb dog—don’t tell him but I actually out ran him a lot while we were playing. I was very good with these new strangers, and let them cuddle me right away!

My favorite skills right now are sitting for food (even if I get a little wiggly with excitement), sitting at the door to go out, and really just sit in general! I’m a STAR at “sit”. I know my own name and come when called, and, since I’m a curious little girl (says mom) I’m working on “leave it”! I always sleep through the night. If you’re looking for a smart, playful pup who’s ready to cuddle, I’m your girl!

Pupdate 3: What a month Maddy has had! Poor Maddy was dealing with some itchy skin that led to her scratching some major lesions into her back and neck! Fortunately, a quick trip to the vet for some antibiotics, and a small haircut to help mom see the sores better, means she is healing VERY quickly! She isn’t very itchy at all these days, and her skin looks much better—so she just needs to finish out her antibiotics in case, which she takes like a champ! Then, Maddy attended a foster event at a pet store this month—this was a big day for her, and meeting new humans was pretty scary! However, by the end, she was brave enough to let some of the new humans pet her, and she always perked up when another pup came in! Her momma reminded the visitors that Maddy took 1-2 days to warm up to her, but now Maddy cuddles in my arms at night!

Maddy is really getting good at walks—she’s still a bit timid when we pass big, scary cars, but the rest of the time she is perky and having a blast! She especially loves walking next to her big sister—they trot along nicely on a dual leash together! After our walks, you can catch Maddy patiently waiting in the kitchen for mealtime (her favorite), or chasing Emma around the house! When her momma get homes from work, she cuddles up next to me on the couch, and sleeps right next to me all night when its time for bed—and never has any nighttime accidents. Maddy’s favorite (and maybe only) trick is sit, which she is a star at—more tricks to come soon!

Pupdate 2: Maddy has made so much progress this week! With the help and courage of her big sister, Maddy has been on daily walks this week! She still is a little hesitant about her leash, but when she’s outside, she trots around the block like a star! She’s great on her leash, although a little skittish still at times, and doesn’t bark at all at other dogs on the street!

Maddy is also coming a long way in her potty training! She never has any overnight accidents, but we do still have to work on the daytime accidents when she is home without her mom, and next steps will also be learning to let someone know when she needs to go potty (especially since she is still hesitant about the leash).

Maddy has been having a BLAST with her big sister Emma. They are allowed to free roam the house during the day, and while mom is pretty good about making sure to put away any shoes or other enticing “toys” when she leaves, Maddy is getting pretty good about learning not to chew on these when left alone. Maddy is full of energy and excited to meet her forever family to shower her in love!

Pupdate 1: Maddy is a sweet, shy girl who took a few days to warm up to her new home—but once she did, wow is she a typical puppy! Maddy is a big fan of cuddling—she sleeps in my arm all night, and spends a lot of time in the evening cuddled up next to me on the couch. But don’t let that fool you! Once her big puppy sister Emma taught her to play, she never stopped! Maddy loves to run from room to room, chasing toys and her (50 lb pitbull) sister. 

Maddy is still skittish about some things. Potty training is still in progress since Maddy is still hesitant to spend time outside and is getting used to going through the doorway. She is learning to use the puppy pads when she does go indoors, but this is likely something that her forever family will need to continue to work on, especially as she adapts to a new home. Maddy got carsick the first few times we went on rides, but is showing progress there as well and is able to make it through some rides without getting sick.

Maddy is really such a sweet girl who would be a great for a family who is ready to take on the adventure of a new puppy! She would do especially well in a home with another dog, as she is most comfortable when she has a pal to show her the ropes and lots of love.