silver lab Mix|female|5 years old|80 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Luna is well trained and very well mannered.  She enjoys short walks, treats and affection.  Luna is also well versed in napping, preferably in a sunny spot. Luna is a kind companion to the resident dog, and loves the young humans in her house.  She doesn't jump, bark or have accidents. Luna is on seizure medication, and would prefer a diet low in grains.  She's got a few extra pounds to shed, and will gladly swim them off given the opportunity! Luna has some season allergy reactions, which include itchy pads and paws.  She loves foot soaks, and sits calmly for them.

Pupdate 1: Luna is a sweet, mellow lady. She just turned 5 years old on St Patrick’s Day, and loves to celebrate in her green attire. While fostering Luna we have also had a puppy in the house. She has a good tolerance for the puppy’s overly playful and energetic nature. We have also had groups of people over and she greets them with a sniff and goes back doing her own thing. Actually, we had over 15 people over for the Badger game and she was snoring in the corner! She has not jump on people nor counters. She does like cuddling on the couch and being by people. She has never shown any sort of aggression and is very easy going.

Luna has had seizures in the past however they are controlled on medication. Her medication is very easy to administer, just put the pills in with her dry food in the morning and evening and it’s done! We believe that due to her medication, her coat is thinning in spots- This does not hinder her unique beauty though!

While with us, Luna has been sleeping in her crate at night and while we are working. She does bark intermittently in her crate but this is something we are working on. Prior to us, Luna was able to free roam the past owner’s house and did not bark or cause a mess. We have not tried this yet due to our home set up and because of having other dogs. Luna was with her surrendering family all her life, so as you could imagine moving to a new place without your dog siblings and a whole new family was stressful and hard. Her first nights here she barked a lot in her crate and had a few house accidents. Now that she is more comfortable and is in a routine she hasn’t had any accidents in the house and barking has reduced.

Luna knows sit, stay, lay-down, no, and her release word is “ok”. Luna has been hunting in the past and also enjoys being in water when it is nice out. She loves rolling and burrowing in the snow too. Luna does well on the leash however with new smells she can pull a bit. She stops pulling when called or redirected. This is something we are working on.