beagle Mix|female|1 year old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: We were fortunate to be able to dog sit adorable, little Lola.  She is a sweet, loving, good natured dog. Lola was very respectful of all people and dogs that she met.  She met my two dogs and even got my grumpy old dog to play.  She also met several dogs on her walks and was respectful to all.  Lola absolutely LOVES playing with other dogs and has OUTSTANDING dog social skills.  The only time I heard her bark was when she was trying to get another dog to play with her.  Several neighbors also met her and all commented on how well behaved and loving she is. Lola also enjoyed her kong, which kept her busy for quite some time. 
Additional good news is that the hard work her foster parents have done with Lola’s potty training is paying off. Being in a new house can be challenging, but by the second day Lola was cueing us to when she needed to go outside. However, her cues are very subtle.  Overall, she’s just adorable.  Some family is going to be very lucky to adopt her.  

Pupdate 3: Lola took a visit to up north Wisconsin and she did great during the two hour long car ride. She laid in her cage and napped the whole time without a peep! Upon arrival she got to meet a big German shepherd. She seemed to ignore him at first but it did not take long for her to warm up with him and play. She met many new people and was happy to greet them. Currently, Lola is still undergoing potty training and will need a strict schedule of being taken outside on walks in order to complete her house-training. 

Pupdate 2: Lola is a very sweet and quiet 1 year old beagle. She loves to go on walks and will greet strangers happily. She walks well on a leash and is crate trained. She loves her toys to play with and bones to chew on. Lola is great with cats and loves to try to play with them but stays far enough away that the cat is not bothered. She is crate trained. Lola is currently undergoing strict potty training that is working very well. She is learning that outside is the place to go! Lola would be a great dog for a family as she is very loving, quiet, loves to exercise, but also loves to chill at home on her bed.  

Pupdate 1: Sweet and mellow Beagle who pays little attention to our cat and loves our dog and children.  Great on walks, hardly ever barks, never nips or bites or anything!  She is very easy-going.  She loves to play and roam.