Yorkshire Terrier|female|8 years old|13 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Wow, what a difference a week makes! I’ve been with my foster family 2 weeks now, and I’ve decided my two foster sisters are pretty cool. If they’re slow to come in from the yard, I go back out onto the deck to make sure they’re okay and to usher them through the door. My foster mom chuckles and calls me Lassie when I do that. Sometimes I even play with them a little. My foster brother the poodle mix may be a bit of a dweeb, but I’ve decided he’s harmless, even if he is the yappiest little guy I’ve ever met. I didn’t even bat an eyelash when he rolled off the couch and fell right on top of me (smooth move, dude). The one thing that gets me so excited that I just can’t always control myself is food, but when my foster mom is cooking she gives me that look if I’m about to chase my foster sister out of the kitchen, and I’m learning that the diva act doesn’t fly around here. 

I’m super happy that I have couch and lap privileges now! I love snuggling next to my foster mom, and when I’m relaxed I flop onto my side to ask for a belly rub. I love belly rubs! I make my contented little piglet noises when my foster mom rubs my tummy or scratches under my chin. People are my favorite thing! I love people even more than food (my second favorite thing). When I’m on the other side of a door from my foster mom I remind her just how much I love being with people by singing the blues. I know, the diva thing again. But other than that I pretty much only bark when my foster mom has me go into the crate before she leaves, and I’m always chill when she comes back. I don’t understand why my foster siblings go bonkers barking and trying to jump up on her when she gets home. I just walk out of my crate making my happy piglet noises, wagging my stubby Yorkie tail at warp speed, and prancing around on my delicate Yorkie feet. I never jump up at all. Though when my foster mom sits down sometimes I’ll place my little feet gently on her knees to ask for some help up onto the couch. I never forget I’m a lady in the yard, either. My foster siblings have no dignity, rolling in every stinky thing they can find. I like to be nice and tidy, and I’m content to trot around checking out the scenery. I’m also super good about coming when called, because really what I want most is to be with people. 

The other thing my foster mom is super excited about is that I haven’t had a single accident all week. It’s a bit embarrassing to think back to last week, but my entire world changed so fast, and I was missing my person so very much and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t with her anymore. Now I trust that my foster family is there for me. They’ve got this. Things are good here. I had a great time exploring the yard with my foster siblings when it snowed the other day (though even with my snugly coat I wish it wasn’t so cold out). This weekend, two foster cousins came to stay for a couple days, and I played a bit with the young pup and touched noses with the sweet super senior. I’m totally cool hanging with other dogs, except that the diva in me surfaces when there’s food around. My foster mom reminds me to chill out, and I’m really eager for her to praise me, so I’m working on it. 

My foster siblings are pretty young, especially the Maltese mix who can be a real handful. My foster mom tells me how wonderful it is to have some maturity around here to balance out the crazy puppy energy. I’ve got a lot of spirit and a passion for the good things in life, and I’m always game for an adventure like a leash walk or a trip to Governor Nelson State Park, or a good game of tug or fetch, but I also have a strong sense of dignity. I mean, those silly puppy antics, puh-lease! Beneath me. So if you want a canine friend who’ll love you like crazy, but won’t wear you out chasing after an unruly pup, I’m your girl! 

Pupdate 1: 
Hi, I’m Lily, and I just can’t wait to meet you! I love people and love attention. My foster mom nicknamed me Piglet because I make all sorts of little snorts, grunts and blissful groans when she scratches under my chin or on my back near my tail. When people say my name in a happy voice, I wag and wag and wag my little Yorkie stub tail. I love my name! LILY! It makes me feel that everything is going to be okay when people say my name in a sweet voice. When I go to the groomer or the vet I get lots of compliments on how friendly I am and how beautiful I am. They’re also impressed with my smooth response to “sit”. 

My foster mom is really cool, but I still don’t understand why I can’t be with the sweet lady who loved me since I was young. The vet thinks I’m between 7-10 years old, and I thought my person and I would always be together. One day, she just wasn’t there anymore, and I went to two different daughters’ houses, but they couldn’t keep me. They were sad and told me their mom had died, but I’m not sure what that means. 

I adore my foster mom and love to trot around the house after her, but I do worry she might disappear like my person did, so she’s been working hard to reassure me. She always tells me “You be good and wait,” when she’s going to leave, so I know what to expect. I get a special treat (I love turkey!) in my crate, and my foster mom tells me “Into your crate”. I bark until she’s gone, but when she gets home I’m usually calm and quiet, or even sleeping. She’s SO proud of me for accepting my crate, because I sure didn’t like it at first. She feeds me my meals in there, so being in my crate makes me feel safe and think of yummy food. (She has me sit and wait before meals, and says I have good manners.) So far she hasn’t left me for more than a few hours, but she says we’ll work on going longer. I may not need a crate once I adjust to a new home and no longer have accidents. I never chew anything that’s not mine, and I never get into any trouble in the house. 

At night I sleep on my own bed of soft blankets on a pad beside my foster mom’s bed. I’d like to get up in bed with her, but I’m great about settling in on my own bed. Crating me at night isn’t necessary because I’m so well behaved, and when my foster mom tried it the first night I felt sad and barked a lot. On my cozy bed I sleep through the night, and in the morning my foster mom makes sure to take me out right away, and then a few times close together because morning is when I might have accidents. I’m doing so much better now, and today I didn’t have a single accident! My foster mom was so proud of me and told me I’m a very good girl. When we go out into the yard she tells me and my foster brother and sisters “hurry up go potty” and I’m very good at responding to that. I often need to go a few times before I go inside, and I’ll only stay out in the yard if she stays with me, because it’s all pretty new still, but I love exploring! I don’t ask to go out, so she makes sure to bring me out regularly, especially when I wake up from a nap. 

I love to chase toys my foster mom throws, and I have a special rabbit I love to carry around in my mouth. I don’t like to share my toys, so she only plays fetch or tug when my foster siblings aren’t around. When I want some love, I’ll put my little Yorkie paws up on her knee while she’s sitting on the couch, and then make soft little Piglet sounds while I’m petted. I love to snuggle beside her or on her lap, but I don’t like sharing her attention, so I’m only allowed up when the others aren’t in the room. 

My foster mom says that after living alone with my person for so many years that I just don’t know what to make of having other little dogs around. She thinks I might do okay with a large, very mellow dog friend, but since I get pushy with same sized or smaller dogs, even lunging and growling at them sometimes if I smell or see food I want, she’s recommending that I’d prefer to be an only dog. I’m super friendly to dogs I meet on walks (I love walks!) or at the pet food store or groomer, it’s just that I have trouble sharing a house with my foster siblings. One of the daughters I stayed with had three cats, and although I never growled or barked at them, I did like to chase them. 

I adore kids, both on walks and when I was staying with one of my person’s daughters. I miss her two boys and think having a school aged child around would be great! My foster mom thinks I shouldn’t have a human brother or sister who’s an infant, toddler or preschooler because of what she calls resource guarding. I might get jealous of a tiny human being in my forever mom or dad’s lap, and if the baby took my toys or a yummy chew away from me that might upset me. 

My foster mom is working with me on what she calls resource guarding with the other dogs, and on having more perfect days like today with no accidents. She’s continuing to get me comfortable with my crate, and is working to teach me “place” on my special mat. She says I’m such a bright girl, that I’m eager to please her and I learn quickly. I’m good on car rides, though I do pant nervously, and my foster mom takes me out to awesome places like Governor Nelson State Park to make sure I know that cars get me to super fun adventures. 

Will you be my forever person? I’d love to meet you if I sound like someone you’d like to pet and snuggle! My person might not be around anymore, but Yorkies live a long time, and I’ve got lots of years ahead of me, so my foster mom has promised to help me find a forever family who will love me, play with me, and continue helping me learn with patient training.