Spaniel/Lab Mix | Female | 9 Years old |60 lbs |Adoption Fee $200

Libby is a bed hog, but don't hold that against her.

Updates from Libby's Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Libby is such a low maintenance, loving dog. She's great with all people and cats. She's good with kids, but since she jumps a lot and has the long nails of an older dog, I'd recommend no small kids. She's not a fan of other dogs - if you're an experienced dog owner and are willing to put in the time, she could live with other dogs (she's lived with 5 different dogs in 3 different households), but she'd really prefer to get all of your attention to herself.

Her days include sleeping in her bed, sleeping in your bed, doing tricks for treats, going for long walks, and playing tug of war. She'll add in some swimming and fetch and paddleboarding for special occasions.

Pupdate 4: Libby spent the weekend at a cabin up north, and I think she found her happy place! Usually, that happy place is under the covers, curled up with her favorite human (all humans). But at the cabin, she also found a lot of happy on boats (pontoon, speed, and paddleboard - she doesn't discriminate), running around with frisbees, swimming in the lake, and enjoying the fire. She was a dream all weekend - how has this sweetie been passed up for so long?!

Pupdate 3: Libby is almost 9 but still has a lot of pep in her. Libby's favorite activity is tug of war. She will bring you her purple ball when she wants to play. When she's done playing, she loves cuddling up with you on the couch and enjoys a good nap (who doesn't, right?). 

Libby is perfect for a family with no other dogs and will delight you with all of the tricks she knows (including Dance). She gets over-excited when other dogs are around and will bark at them, but she is a complete sweetheart to every human she meets. 

Pupdate 2: I am 8 years old and I still have such puppy soft skin. It's because I eat healthy and drink lots of water. ;) When I need to go out after all that hydration, I whine and let my humans know - can't soil my own home, you know.

In my free time, besides snuggling and being cute, I love playing tug of war. I even let my humans win sometimes so they're not disappointed. Other times, I'm just hanging in my crate - I think of it as my sanctuary and all my human has to say is 'Go home' and I'm gone. I'm there even when they don't say it, that's how much I love it. 

I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve too, my previous home trained me well - Sit, Down, Shake, Dance, Roll-over, Stay, HiFive - they even get me some quick treats on the side.

The only problem with me I think is that I'm afraid of other dogs: I bark when I hear or see them pass by. But who needs them when I have you, right? 

Pupdate 1: Libby is a sweet older, smaller lab mix who absolutely loves people. Libby does not care for other dogs. Outside of that, she is a sweetheart and has shown nothing but love and excitement for humans. She is a great cuddler and for an older lab, she still loves to play. She is so excited to find her forever home.