Boxer/Shepherd Mix|male|1 year old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Hi! My name is Lex, I came from Missouri, and I love treats and bully sticks! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I’m about 60 lbs., and likely to get a little bit bigger. I need to gain a bit of weight, not much though…I’m pretty lean but I’m a big dog! I tend to pull on the leash a bit, but my foster mom is teaching me not to do that. Otherwise I’m pretty good on a leash!

I’m learning my manners, like sitting before I leave the house, sitting calmly before getting out of my crate, (I’m also crate trained!), sitting at the corner before we cross the street, and sitting patiently before eating my food!  I’m also learning the “Place” command, and I’ve almost got that down, but when my foster mom leaves the room, I follow her, and then she puts me back in my place again, and it’s kind of like a game, but then I realize that she wants me to stay there, so I do! Boy…learning to be a good dog is tough, but I know it will get me adopted sooner, so I’m working really hard at it!

I get along with my foster brother, and we play a lot, but sometimes he gets tired of playing and just wants to be left alone, even when I want to keep playing, so my foster mom is helping me to learn boundaries! She usually puts me in my “Place” command when I get too rowdy, and then I calm down! Like I said before, learning to be a good dog is hard work, but I’m really smart, and I learn quickly, so I’ve got that going for me! I hope to meet you soon and become your forever pal!