border collie Mix|female|4 years old|45 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Leia is a curious girl and likes to take her time with new people and situations. She quickly learns she can trust people and will eagerly give kisses and wiggly snuggles. She is a very smart girl and eager to please. Leia is crated while away and I have not had any issues with it; she has also been eating meals in the crate. She has slept in the bed and in her crate, each with no issue. 

When Leia initially arrived, she needed pretty slow introductions to other dogs and heavily guarded resources, food, space, and people.  She has come a long way and is VERY excited to play with others. She attends daycare regularly which has been a huge bonus for her, because she is so high energy.  Leia enjoys playing fetch, but is often distracted by things going on around her. She is very food motivated. 

Leia is learning how to walk nicely on a leash, but can be a little reactive to other dogs. Leia would do well with  another dog in the house but it is not required.  I do suggest she continue to interact with dog friends to reinforce appropriate behaviors. She has met a couple of children and was very timid and uneasy with unpredictable movements. She has been around older boys who ignored her, and this helped her be more comfortable around them. I do not suggest young children with Leia.