rat terrier Mix|female|3 months old|7 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Kylie is growing fast and enjoying life as a puppy. She is always happy and jumping around, chasing the other dogs or competing for attention from the humans. She has been to a few Fetch events and loves to be the center of attention, especially with kids. She started daycare at the Puppy Den and was a little shy at first but now she enjoys playing with all her puppy friends. She has a lot of energy and does not like her crate time, so we continue to work on that. She can cry pretty loudly so she probably wouldn't be the best dog for an apartment unless you have understanding neighbors or very thick walls. I think she might have some beagle in her with her little howl. She reliably takes herself out of the doggy door to potty, and sleeps through the night about half the time but sometimes still has to potty in the middle of the night. She has learned that I am the boss now - about once a week she will get mad at me if I pick her up while eating (she has a loud angry squak that sounds like a chicken), but she submits quickly when I verbally correct her. The older dogs have also decided that she's old enough to be put in her place when she tries to steal their toys or bother them when they're sleeping, so she has learned her place in the pecking order. She is pretty insanely cute but she is very much a puppy, so she will need someone who is prepared to deal with normal puppy behavior.

Pupdate 1: Kylie was born in foster care and grew up in my house with her mama Tenny and her sister Kendall. She may be tiny, but she has a huge personality and is very sassy. She tries to boss everyone around, including me, and she sometimes needs reminders that she isn't the one in charge. She is very sweet most of the time, but she will occasionally throw a little tantrum if I do something she doesn't like - like pick her up while she is eating or when she wants to play. When she does this, I hold the scruff of her neck and say "no" loudly - similar to what a mama dog would do to correct a pup - and she will submit and quietly whimper. After she's behaving, she gets a little snuggle and a treat to remind her that we still love her, she just can't have her way all the time. She really responds to these corrections, but will probably continue to test her boundaries with her new owner. She loves dogs of all sizes and hasn't been around cats, but would probably try to play with them. She is working on crate training and potty training and doing very well for a young puppy. She doesn't sleep through the night yet and usually will cry to go out around 2 am, but then will sleep in till around 8 am. She is very affectionate and loves to crawl into your lap and snuggle and lick your face. She will need an experienced dog owner who will set firm boundaries and not let her get away with being the boss.