rat terrier Mix|female|3 months old|7 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Kendall's mobility has gotten so much better over the past couple weeks. She is fearless and will run and jump around, and even when she falls she gets right back up. If you don't know what to watch for, you might not notice at first that she isn't normal. She wrestles with my 35 pound adult dogs, but mostly she loves to play with her sister Kylie. The two of them will chase each other around the yard and they both have the cutest little hopping run. They also love to play tug of war and run away from the chickens who like to chase them around the yard. Kendall will tire out after an hour or two of play and come inside for a nap. She is very well behaved in her crate - she had to get used to being in her own crate because she would much rather sleep with Kylie, but now she rarely makes a peep in her crate unless she has to potty. She can go about 4 hours in her crate during the day without having an accident, I haven't tried longer. She may be able to sleep through the night, but Kylie usually wakes up to potty so I take them both out once in the middle of the night (I have to wake Kendall up, but she always goes). She has not had a potty accident at home in the past couple weeks, but she always has access to the doggy door and knows to take herself out. She goes to daycare during the week and she does still have some accidents there. She is very snuggly and if she sees anyone sitting on the ground she will help herself to their lap. She is very social and not the least bit shy.

Pupdate 1: Kendall was born in foster care and grew up in my house. She is submissive and sweet compared to her bossy sister Kylie. She is very good in her crate and only cries a little bit when she is put in there during the day. At night she is good about going right to sleep. She usually wakes up once in the night to potty and is doing very well with potty training as long as she is taken outside often. She is learning to take herself out through the doggie door when she needs to potty, but isn't 100% reliable so I take her out often when she isn't in her crate. She is very snuggly and loves to crawl into your lap. She loves all dogs big and small.

Kendall was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia so she has some special needs. She has poor coordination so she walks with her legs splayed out wide to keep her balance. She is able to walk and jump around, and she loves to play-wrestle with her sister, but she falls a lot. She also has a mild tremor when she is trying to eat, but she is still able to eat and drink from a normal doggy dish. Her face sometimes falls into the dish, but this is getting better. According to the veterinary neurologist she saw, this condition doesn't have any treatment or therapy, but as she gets older she may compensate better for it and may fall less over time. It should not affect her life span and it is not painful. However, because of her decreased coordination, her future family will need to be careful around flights of stairs or on furniture because she will be more prone to falling. I have two steps to the outside and she can climb up and down those, but she would need to be carried for a full flight of stairs. Fortunately she will be a small dog so it shouldn't be too much trouble. She will never be a dog that could be your running partner, but she would love a home where she can play with toys, toddle around in the yard, and snuggle.