hound Mix|male|5 months old|33 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Jesse is coming out of his shell and becoming even less fearful. With the guidance of one of our confident resident dogs, he took a mile walk past home construction and loud trucks. He was scared at times, but has made huge improvements. He will still need a harness for safety. His whining and barking while crated has also improved, and generally only lasts a minute or so now. The best part of his day is getting to spend time in our puppy pool. Check him out having a blast!

Pupdate 1: Jesse is a sweet, shy boy who loves other dogs, humans, and playing in the back yard. He's a big fan of relaxing with the resident dogs in between bouts of play. He has been very respectful of our adult dogs. He loves getting scratched and cuddling with humans. Jesse is still skittish about some things, including traffic noise and leashed walks. He would do best with a harness to keep him safe in case he puts on the brakes while walking. 

Potty training is going great, although he is a puppy and therefore needs to go out every few hours, including once overnight. Jesse is working on crate training. He will whimper and bark before settling down, so he might not do well in an apartment or condo. Jesse is confused by the cat, and has barked at him once or twice until redirected. It's play and friendly curiosity.

Jesse is such a sweet boy and would be especially great for a family with other dogs. He is most comfortable with a pal to show him the ropes, although he would likely do well as an only dog. If an only dog, he would really enjoy doggie daycare, as he's a social pup.